Start Selling to China Via WeChat

We help brands to sell in China via WeChat, Taobao, weibo. 

Our Services

Setup your Store

Cross Border payment

Cross Border payment application and linked to the WeChat Store


Build the shopping cart system with wordpress or Shopping cart system

CRM Tools

over 500 plugin, Membership and sales tools helps to boost the sales of the fans!

message boarcasting

Same as facebook, Sent the message to your fans regularly to interact and promote your brand!

message reply

Setup the autoreply, chatbot or customer service

menubar contents

link to website, eshop, forms as the brand automatic service platform!

Content Creation


WeChat Contents support articles, photos, video , GIF animation, audio

H5 pages

H5 pages for promotion campaigns, event invitation

mobile games / miniprograms

Mobile games and miniprograms arouse the interest

Drive Traffics

Build customer base

Add fans by mobile no, QQ no., from WeChat Groups for direct messaging

promote with influencers

Engage with opinion leaders and microinfluencers to promote the brands

CPM / CPS advertising

Promote the brand via advertising platform by CPM / CPS basis from WeChat and other online media

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