Trend of Digital Marketing in 2020

Monthly Active Users still growing

There is however a silver lining for Tencent: despite having almost saturated the social media market in China, its Monthly Active Users (MAUs) figures keep growing.

WeChat MAU’s grew to 1.151 billion, at a healthy 6.3% YOY growth rate.

Daily Active Users (DAUs) of WeChat Mini-programs reached 300 million as of the 31st of September 2019. This is booming growth given Tencent had reported 200 million mini-programs DAUs a bit more than one year prior, in August 2018.

QQ disclosed some more disappointing results. MAUs were down 8.9% YOY (to 731 million). Tencent had previously tried to spin QQ results more positively by breaking down mobile MAUs numbers, but these are also dropping at a fast rate (a 6.4% YOY decrease).

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