Creating content for WeChat

How to keep your users’ attention?

That’s the great goal of content marketing. We learned how to create a WeChat account, how togenerate a shop and how to drive traffic to it.

Now let’s learn how to keep users interested in your account by constantly creating quality content, tailored for WeChat.

What type of content works in WeChat?

1. Make it useful

One of the challenges of WeChat content marketing is that content must be consistently good.It is otherwise very common for users to unfollow service accounts or to stop opening subscription accounts.

Survey of WeChat users showed that “Useful” was the number one factor making users share articles, according to 49% of respondents.


Note that “Useful” comes before “Interesting” and “Trendy”. The whole ecosystem of WeChatrevolves around providing services (Tencent makes only 19% of its revenue from ads, as opposed to 95% for Facebook. The rest of Tencent’s revenues comes from “Value added services”), and your content should do just that. It should be useful and be a service provided tousers.

2. Video is the new content trend

One type of content is booming lately on social networks: video. WeChat users report videos tobe twice as popular as regular articles.


Video content might be expensive to create, but in the increasingly competitive WeChat content market, it should be your go-to choice if you want to stand out.

When to write on WeChat?

WeChat accounts can, at most, write one message per day. With such a small number of push messages at your disposal, you must be very strategic as to when exactly you post in order tomaximize efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, you should write when competition is the lowest. Luckily, there is data available about when other accounts post the most. Unsurprisingly, people write mostly from Monday to Friday (when they are paid to work) and just before leaving office (between 5pm and 6pm)


Conclusion: posting on a Sunday morning might be a great choice as competition will be low and you’ll get a greater chance to catch your readers’ attention

Finding free content for your account

Good copywritting on WeChat can be extremely, extremely expensive. If you don’t have the budget to pay a top PR agency to write content for you, what options are you left with?

It turns out there is a way, and it is called “Original content” on WeChat

#1. Using “Original content” articles to keep users engaged

If you are a WeChat user, you might have noticed some articles have a “原创” (Original) label just below their title.

This means these articles have been verified by Tencent as unique. You can simply copy-paste their content and send it to your followers. If the account managers have given their permissions for third-party to re-share, a link will be automatically added to their account at the bottom of your message.

It’s a win-win partnership: you get free, high quality content, and these accounts get additional exposure. You can use such a strategy to post great content daily with very limited investment.

#2. How to find good “Original content” articles to share on your account?

Newrank.cnWe mentioned this website during the class about KOL’s: lists the most popular accounts in each industry. They’re a perfect place to start in order to find viral content which you can re-share on your own account.

This search engine received investment from Tencent (which acquired a 36.5% stake in it in 2013), and this tight partnership means that Sogou has a superpower: it can search through WeChat articles.

You can use this search tool to look for both articles and accounts related to specific keywords. This makes Sogou a wonderful tool to find content to re-share on your account.

Wrap up on WeChat content

  • WeChat is a service ecosystem: your content should be useful before anything else
  • Video content is the new trend on WeChat
  • Best time to post your content is on week-ends and early morning
  • Original accounts can enable you to re-share quality content for free and keep your followers engaged
  • You can find quality content to re-share on and platforms

Generating traffic on WeChat

WeChat marketing relies first on driving qualified traffic to your account.

There are: 3 main strategies to generate traffic to your WeChat store:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising refers to placing banner ads and pay each time an user clicks on the banner (in the case of CPC) or each time an user sees the banner (in the case of CPM. CPM refers to the cost for 1,000 users seeing your banner, no matter of whether or not they interact with it)
  • Viral campaigns are creative campaigns which are shared among users, either driven by a social impulse or by some financial incentive.
  • Key Opinion Leader advertising (KOL ads) means paying a WeChat blogger to promote your brand. The KOL can either write an article about your brand, or write about an another topic and put a banner linking to your WeChat account somewhere in the article

CPC ads are a very predictable way to drive traffic. However, on WeChat, the quality of this traffic is extremely questionable due to the poor targeting capabilities of the platform’s ads.

Viral campaigns (ex: share to win a prize) can be very efficient. However, Tencent’s terms of use forbid to incentivize users to share or like posts on WeChat. These campaigns therefore come with a large amount of risk associated to them.

Key Opinion Leaders turn out to be the most efficient type of WeChat marketing. It can be affordable, it is targeted and provides social-validation for new sellers. There are a few platforms which enable to find Key Opinion Leaders on WeChat:

  • is a big platform and data repository for WeChat Key Opinion Leaders
  • WeMedia has a database of KOL they manage or represent in various industries
  • Parklu is a bilingual platform with KOL on WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, Youku and Meipai
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